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Residential roofing projects like replacing or installing a new roofing system can be a major expense. To achieve the best results, Port Charlotte, FL, residents should hire roofing contractors with a proven track record.

At HP Storm Restoration, our professional team proudly serves clients throughout the Port Charlotte, FL, area. Whether your roofing needs include fixing a minor leak or installing a new roof, our team delivers high-quality results.

From start to finish, our contractors provide top-notch roofing services specifically tailored to your needs. Port Charlotte residents can call our roofing contractors at (904) 862-8408 to learn more about our business.

The Many Roofing Services We Provide in Port Charlotte, Florida

At HP Storm Restoration, our professionally operated business proudly provides many roofing services throughout the Port Charlotte area.

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Roof Repairs

Your roof is essential in protecting your Florida home from issues like storm damage. Your roof is often the first line of defense against certain weather events. Unfortunately, your roofing system can suffer from various problems, such as:



Damaged Gutters
Or Flashing​



Issues ​

and more

Fortunately, our residential roofing contractors can provide effective roof repairs for your house. Whether you have clogged gutters or need us to fix a leak, we always bring the right tools and materials for the roof repair job.

A Roof Replacement or Installation

Our company does its best to save our residential clients money. When possible, repairs are a better solution to a new construction or roof replacement. However, our professional team knows that a roof replacement is more cost-effective in certain situations, such as:

Florida can sometimes have nasty storms like hurricanes, and these storms can really impact your roof. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to install a roof versus trying to repair multiple collapsed sections.

Certain residential roofing materials have longer lifespans than others. For example, residential shingle roofs may only last between ten to 30 years.

Whether you want to explore flat roofs, try tile instead of shingles, or want a new roof to boost your home’s curb appeal, our professional service can help.

For roofing materials, our residential contractors specialize in shingle, tile, and metal roofs.

Storm Restoration Roof Repair

Following a storm in the Port Charlotte area, your installed roof may need extra assistance over a usual roofing repair. We’ll pair you with a Port Charlotte, Florida, roofing contractor who specializes in roofing storm restoration.

Our storm restoration services include repairing roofs following:

Hail and ice storms
Lightning strikes and thunderstorms
Hurricanes and more

FAQs Our Roofing Contractors Receive

At HP Storm Restoration, we know Port Charlotte, Florida, residents have various roofing needs. Here are some answers to common questions our team receives:

How long roofs last depend on many factors, including the quality of materials used for the new construction and overall maintenance. Unfortunately, there’s no one perfect answer; your roofing installation project could last between 15 to 100 years.

For affordability and availability, most homeowners have our roofers install a shingled roof. However, the main drawback of a shingled roof is that it doesn’t last as long as tiled or metal roofs.

As part of our Flordia roofing services, a roofing contractor can help you determine the right roofing construction material to use. We back every installed roof service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For new construction or installation, many homeowners prioritize factors like visual appeal. However, all roofing materials today come in numerous colors and designs, including metal.

As such, Port Charlotte, Florida, homeowners can obtain a roof that resembles natural materials like slate while still using affordable shingles. Our installation process includes a free consultation where we walk you through your different design options.

Unlike other states, Florida’s weather remains fairly consistent throughout the year. Fortunately, this means Port Charlotte residents can better schedule their new roofing project. However, it’s best to avoid summer and fall months due to hurricanes and storms.

Roofing Port in Charlotte, FL

When you require the best roofing contractor with a proven track record that’ll repair your roof in a timely manner, HP Storm Restoration is the name to call. Every Florida roofing contractor we hire delivers a quality job guaranteed to make you happy.

Our roofers are proud to help, whether you need us to unclog your gutters or do a high-quality roof installation. We specialize in storm restoration, making us the best in the industry.

We guarantee high-quality service for all roofs, gutters, and other services your family needs. Call our office at (904) 862-8408 to learn more!