Commercial Roofing Services
in Tampa, FL


Trusted Commercial Roofers of Florida

At HP Storm Restoration, we are committed to providing top-notch commercial roofing services to maintain the longevity and durability of your commercial property because we recognize what an important investment it is.

All of your commercial roofing needs in Tampa and Port Charlotte can be met by our team of qualified, experienced contractors.

Commercial Roof Repair Services

Our commercial roof repair services are tailor-made to handle any concerns or problems with your commercial roof. For the purpose of determining the true cause of any leaks, cracks, or other issues, our crew will thoroughly evaluate your roof before giving you any quotes or recommendations.


We’ll provide you a thorough report of our findings and recommend the best repair solutions based on your demands and budget.

New Commercial Roof Replacement Services

It’s time for a new roof replacement if the lifespan of your commercial roof has finally passed. All facets of replacing a commercial roof, including removal, preparation, installation, and cleanup, are handled by our team at HP Storm Restoration. To meet your needs and budget, we provide a variety of flat roofing materials. New commercial roof advantages include:

Benefits of a New Commercial Roof

Installing a new roof comes with many advantages. Check them out below:

Comprehensive Commercial Roof Inspections

The lifetime and durability of your commercial roof depend on regular inspections of the roof. We offer commercial roof inspection services to find any potential faults or problems with your roof before they become costly difficulties.


Our crew will perform a comprehensive examination of your roof, including flashing, vents, and other roof elements, and will then give you a thorough report of our findings.


Visual Inspection

Our crew will perform a visual assessment of your commercial roof. We'll look for any damage indicators, such as cracks, holes, or general wear and tear. Also, we'll look for signs of wear or damage on the flashing, vents, and other parts of the roof.


Moisture Detection

We'll check your commercial roof for moisture or water intrusion using cutting-edge technology. To find any moisture problems that might not be apparent to the human eye, our team will use moisture meters and infrared cameras.


Core Sampling

We may conduct a core sampling if we feel that your commercial roof has any possible problems. To do this, a tiny sample of the roof membrane must be taken and examined for any indications of weakness, wear, or damage. Using this approach, we can find any potential problems that the visual inspection might not have picked up.


Detailed Report

Our team will give you a thorough report of our findings, including any potential concerns or issues with your commercial roof after the inspection is complete. Also, we'll provide you with advice on what needs to be fixed or maintained so that your commercial roof will last a long time.

For Your New Commercial Roof, Count On HP Storm Restoration

At HP Storm Restoration, we’re dedicated to giving our clients in Tampa and Port Charlotte the best commercial roofing services available. We can take care of your commercial roof repair, replacement, or inspection needs. To arrange a consultation and begin working on your commercial roofing project, contact us right now.