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Florida gets heavy winds and storms throughout the year. Unfortunately, these storms can damage your home’s roofing. Tampa homeowners need an experienced roofing company to repair or replace their roofs. If your roofing system has sustained damage from a storm, trust a local roofing contractor for the job.

HP Storm Restoration is proud to offer industry-leading Tampa roofing services. Whether you need residential roofing or commercial roofing services, we have the experience and knowledge to help our Tampa neighbors. Call us today at (904) 862-8408 to speak to qualified roofers in Tampa, FL!

Our Roofing Services

HP Storm Restoration is your one-stop shop for all your roofing needs, including roof repairs, roof replacement, and new roof installation. We specialize in repairs and roof replacements for storm damage, including damage from


Hail Storms


and More

Florida storms are powerful and can cause significant damage by tearing off shingles, roofing tiles, and solar panels. We can help our commercial and residential customers with any roof work after a significant storm. We offer residential and commercial services in the greater Tampa Bay area, so call us today!

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Roof Materials We Work With

At HP Storm Restoration, we only work with the highest quality materials.


Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials for homes in the Tampa Bay area. Shingle roofs are affordable and energy efficient but are also relatively fragile. Heavy winds can tear shingles off and cause a roof leak.


Sheet metal roofs are another popular option due to their impressive durability and longevity. A metal roof can last over 50 years and is highly resistant to water, weather, and wind damage. However, metal roofs are heavy and may require additional support.


Tile roofs are another durable roofing option that provides excellent resistance against wind and water damage. Like metal roofs, a tile roof can last for a generation and protect your home from storms in Tampa Bay.


Flat roofs are an affordable option that use fewer materials and take up less space than other roofing materials. Our roofing contractors have extensive experience performing roof repairs for flat roofs with several different materials.

Roof Replacement

In some cases, the damage to your roofing system might be too great for roof repair. In those cases, you will need to replace your old roof. HP Storm Restoration offers roof replacement services for residential and commercial buildings. We can perform a complete roof replacement with quality roof materials.

Other benefits of roof replacements include:

Reducing Energy Bills

A new roof with modern roofing materials can reduce your monthly energy costs by a significant amount. Modern materials are better insulators and new roofs cost homeowners less in terms of roof repairs and maintenance work.

Enhancing Air Quality

A new roofing project can also improve air quality. Roofs keep moisture out of your home, which is a big deal during Florida’s humid storm season. A new roof can improve air quality and reduce the risk of asthma.

Improving Safety

If your roofing system suffered damage in a recent storm, a roof replacement could protect your family. A damaged roof may risk collapse after a storm, so you need a qualified Tampa roofing contractor to handle the problem.

Why Choose Our Roofing Company?

At HP Storm Restoration, we are the area’s top roofing contractors for roofing and storm repair work. Below are just a few of the reasons you should choose our roofing company over other roofing companies serving Tampa, FL.


Our roofing professionals have several years of experience in the roofing industry performing all kinds of roof work and have hundreds of roofs replaced under their belts. We perform both residential roof and commercial roofing work and have completed thousands of roofing projects. You can count on our roofing business to get the job done right.


We are a family-owned roofing company and are proud to offer a superior level or service. We dedicate ourselves to 100% customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable contractors will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Integrity and reliability are two of our core values as a company.


Whether you need roof work on a commercial building or a residential building, we can find a solution that meets your needs and budget. We also offer financing options with low monthly payments and reduced APRs. We believe that all homeowners in the Tampa Bay area should have access to quality roofing services for competitive and transparent prices.

Tampa Roofing FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions our roofing company receives about roofing in Tampa Bay.

The first thing you should do is call a roofing contractor to schedule emergency storm damage repairs. Be sure to take pictures of the damage to file an insurance claim. If necessary, cover any large holes with a tarp to stop water from infiltrating your house.

Most of the time, your insurance company will cover roof storm damage. Your roofing contractor in Tampa Bay can work with your insurance provider on your claim for roof repair or replacement from storm damage.

It depends on your homeowner’s insurance policy, but most companies require you to file a claim within a year. We recommend filing an insurance claim as soon as possible because it is harder to file a claim the longer you wait.

Roofing Contractors Near Me

Whether you have storm or hail damage on your roof, HP Storm Restoration should be your first choice for all your Tampa roofing needs. We have several years of experience serving homeowners in Tampa, FL, and work with both residential and commercial properties on a wide range of projects. Choose our Tampa roofers for your next roofing project!

Contact us at HP Storm Restoration online or give us a call at (904) 862-8408 to request an estimate from the roofers Tampa homeowners trust!